Remote working forever?

Is remote working a forever thing?

One of the most talked about topics that have evolved from the current environment: remote working/flexible working/home working. Whichever term you chose to use, giving employees the ability to do their job, from somewhere other than the office, is something everyone should be thinking about. Millions of people across the world have had to adjust their everyday routines to adapt to the pandemic that is Covid-19. What started off as a novelty for some, has turned in to the ‘new normal’ for most.  Here in the UK, we’ve now had a few months to adjust to these changes, but most offices remain closed and employees continue to work from home.

The initial switch

The office to remote working switch needed to be fast. The government announcement came, followed by thousands of companies requiring infrastructure immediately. To successfully do this, securing the best infrastructure was imperative to enable collaborative working, whilst reducing the risk of cybercrime. In addition to securing the infrastructure, HR policies have had to be updated to allow this type of working to become normal. Since then, businesses have been becoming more efficient, more localised, and more intelligent. The impact of this pandemic has changed work patterns and for some industries for a longer period than initially expected, if not permanently.  

What if home working goes on…forever?

Many companies have seen the benefits of a more flexible work/life balance, without any compromise to employee output. We may even see that businesses will start to either get rid of their offices completely, or downsize to something less costly. If employees can work effectively at home- why endure those extra costs? However, working at remotely on a more permanent basis needs to be considered carefully. It’s important to prepare for the challenges that may arise. Ensuring productivity, measurement of success, employee accountability and most importantly maintaining a sense of a team culture, is vital to running successful remote working teams.

Here at Wavetree, we see the value of remote working. We have a variety of services and remote solutions to help make the new normal a success for you and your business. From training, to migrating to the cloud, through to procurement of devices, we can give you the helping hand you need now and moving forward. Whatever level of remote working you decide to use into the future, we can help ensure you do this successfully.

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