How our Hosting Services support your success

Many businesses now decide to use Data Centers to host their servers. At the heart of any business is their computer network. Your servers are home to crucial pieces of information and sensitive data. The security offered when using our hosting services, gives you piece of mind that all of this information is safe, at any time of the day. Perhaps currently your servers are in your office, but what happens when you go home for the evening? Or, maybe you’re now working from home on a more full-time basis? If that’s the case, who’s keeping an eye on all that data?

Why use Managed Hosting?

Our hosting services offer you a reliable, safe and modern approach to hosting. The traditional choice of hosting your servers in your own office, might have little resistance from your management team, it’s nearby, you can fix any issues, you feel in control. However, many risks come with this choice. The level of security that an external Data Centre and our hosting services can offer, far outweigh the security you can control from your office. With customer details, critical data and sensitive information stored on these servers, keeping them protected is vitally important to the success of your business. It’s midnight and something goes wrong. What happens next? Would you even be aware of the problem? That’s exactly why our hosting services offer the best solution. Someone is always monitoring your servers, so your business is always running smoothly and safely.

Why is Managed Hosting more important today?

The current pandemic has caused a shift in where many of us are now working. Advice to work from home whenever it’s achievable has resulted in many of us working from our home offices, kitchen tables or wherever we can find that little bit of space. Many headaches accompanied this shift to flexible working, but one thing that many businesses haven’t considered is who’s looking after your servers? If your servers are currently located in the main office, but you’re all at home, what happens when something goes wrong? Perhaps it’s all gone smoothly so far, but what happens when it doesn’t? Now more than ever it makes sense to use managed hosting services.

There are many other reasons why Hosting services like ours can be beneficial to your business. We know that sometimes it’s hard to expand you own data centre, which is why solutions like ours offer the scalability you require to support your business growth. We also recognise that sometimes an internal option is not viable for your company, whether that be due to lack of IT Staff to facilitate or general space available.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Hosting services, we’d love to hear from you. We’re happy to guide you through your options and see what solution works for your business. Get in touch at