12 days of Christmas with Wavetree

On the first day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – The option to work remotely.

With flexible work options becoming not only necessary for many businesses, but also bringing benefits, we’re sure we’ll see more and more businesses adopt this kind of approach far into the future. It’s important to remember that shifting to this way of working requires more than a laptop and a home office set up. Security, communication and access, all needs to be considered and that’s something we specialise in.

On the second day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – A tip about online security.

Stay aware of unexpected emails, texts or posts urging you to click on a link or attachment.

On the third day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – Parental controls for my family.

We recognise that online safety expands far out of the office. A new console, or laptop is often the perfect gift for your children, but have you considered their online safety? Simply being aware of the parental controls available on your children’s devices and utilising them to ensure they’re staying safe online, means you can easily do your part this Christmas.

On the fourth day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – Remanufactured laptops, helping us to be more green.

Let us help you kick off 2021 with green, sustainable initiatives. Our remanufactured laptops save tonnes of raw materials and thousands of litres of water. A cost effective, sustainable solution, that also means your employees can have high performing laptops, now that’s a gift we’d all like this Christmas.

On the fifth day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – Hosting servers saving me time and money.

Our managed hosting services offer you piece of mind. No longer do you need to spend time worrying about business continuity, or investing resources into monitoring on-site equipment. We’ve got you covered with our hosting packages, let your business run smoothly and we’ll take care of everything in the background.

On the sixth day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – Secure backups explaining how to back up safely and a mince pie with cream.

We can help with cloud back-ups to keep all your information safe, but portable hard drives can also be a simple and safe choice alongside the cloud.

On the seventh day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – A friendly team of experts.

We’re a friendly team that get to know you, and your business. More than just voices behind a telephone or email, we work to make sure you get the service and support you deserve.

On the eighth day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – Advice and guidance and recommendations around my IT.

We pride ourselves on being around to help and that’s exactly what we do. Do you need a question answering? Or maybe you want a recommendation from one of our experts, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Our team have years of experience that they can share with you, to help improve your technology and increase your understanding to support your business.

On the ninth day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – Telephony.

A single point of contact and ownership for all your telephony needs. No more explaining your business to multiple people, you’ll always speak to someone who knows your business and understands your problems.

On the tenth day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me ways to improve my Cyber Security.

Keep your accounts safe, use strong and separate passwords for your email, use random words, turn on two factor authentication ID. Update your devices, back up your data and most importantly be merry.

On the eleventh day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me Procurement services allowing me to buy safely.

We know the world of devices can be a little overwhelming, so this Christmas why not leave the shopping to us?

On the twelfth day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me Out of office/website reminders for festive opening hours, and a team that’s very merry.

Merry Christmas

We’re here if you need us this festive season.