How to take a break from your IT

The summer holiday season is officially in full swing, but what does that mean for your business? How can your IT team cope with reduced numbers?

With your IT team ready to take that well deserved break, you’re left with unavoidable temporary staffing shortages. In the world of IT, it can be particularly difficult to manage with a reduced workforce. It can be especially challenging if you’ve got highly skilled staff who take on crucial roles all away at once.

What can you do?

Often, for small in-house IT teams, it can be a real struggle to maintain a high level of service over the summer months. Whether the workload is increasing, or you’re faced with challenges that only some of your team have the skill set to solve, it can be difficult to meet business needs effectively. One way of dealing with this problem is opting for an out-sourcing or co-sourcing approach.

What options are there?

Out-sourcing your entire IT department can be beneficial if you don’t have the in-house skill set, however co-sourcing can often offer the best of both worlds. When you select a co-sourcing approach you’re able to keep your in-house team operating as normal, yet lean on the Wavetree team for help where you need it. Whether that be standard day-to-day tasks, or you need to rely on their experience to complete a certain project. The flexibility and scalability of selecting a co-sourcing approach makes it a great option for filling in those skills gaps over the summer months, and allows you to balance your team’s workload more effectively. You’re able to retain you core IT team and allow the Wavetree team to help provide specific expertise or help manage variable demand, without the costly overheads of recruiting. This also means you can scale the level of service you require. Depending on the capacity and capability of your team at the time, you have the flexibility to change support levels.

Interested in learning more?

If you’re interested in exploring what service might help your team keep up with changing business needs, take a look at our co-sourcing and out-sourcing sections on our website. If you’d like to receive more information on how the Wavetree team could be supporting your business and giving you the help you need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via