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Business Continuity

Business Continuity and Cloud Back-up

We understand that your information is your business. Therefore, we want to ensure that all of your data is backed-up and secure through a detailed business continuity plan. Having a cloud back-up plan in place makes sure you can continue to operate, no matter what happens. Additionally, utilising the cloud removes the headache of traditional back-up and recovery technologies.

We run regular checks to make sure your backup is working. To assist you we provide screenshot backup verification. Removing the worry for you, knowing that everything is running smoothly in the background, whilst also giving you access to your data wherever you need it. No more guessing if your backup is working properly. Our solution gives you comfort in knowing your information is safe and secure.

Why you need Wavetree Protect

Business Continuity Wavetree Protect

Wavetree Protect includes a full product suite to help protect your business. With an entirely configurable solution, you are able to adjust the product set to suit your requirements and your objectives. Many businesses offer backup and recovery software, yet the Wavetree Recovery Solution stands apart. With Wavetree Protect you are able to automatically backup everything in your IT environment, and then recover to any machine. It really is that simple.

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Disaster Planning and Business Continuity

Disaster Planning and Business Continuity

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. That is why every business needs a Disaster Recovery Plan. In the event that there is a disaster or emergency, by working in partnership we make sure that you can easily access your data.  Our solutions are designed to protect your business, data and infrastructure against failure or a cyber-attack. If you should you need us to we can automatically back up everything in your IT environment with no intervention. Wavetree Protect gives you fast and reliable back up. It allows you to recover anything, anywhere, at any time.

If you face an emergency Wavetree Restore enables you to recover from a disaster within minutes by pre-staging your local backups for standby. A full site recovery is easily available from our data centre, giving you peace of mind that you can continue to operate.

Case Study: Scott Aerospace: Business Continuity Put to the Test

Business Continuity Put to the test

As an example of the power of a business continuity plan, Scott Aerospace had their plan put to the test. Scott Aeropsace are specialists in the design and manufacture of ground support equipment, tooling and components for the aerospace, nuclear, defence and water industries. Their business continuity plan was put to the test when they were the victim of a cyber attack.

Upon receiving an email that looked like something that the team were expecting, they opened it without a second thought. Then suddenly files started to dissapear and it was clear that something was wrong.

Whilst the immediate thought of a cyber attack is destruction, in reality for Scott Aerospace it much simpler.

Due to their Wavetree business continuity plan, the team simply had to contact the team for all servers to be shut down. Consequently, only around 15 minutes of work was lost; read more…