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Why use re-manufactured laptops?

Have you thought about buying re-manufactured laptops? Did you even know you could? Companies across the world are looking at ways that they can reduce their energy conception and become more carbon neutral.  With businesses transitioning to more renewable energy for a more sustainable future people are starting to look at better ways to purchase technology. Answering the questions around re-manufactured laptops…  Why would I buy a re-manufactured laptop instead of a brand-new laptop? Is it going to be as...

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12 days of Christmas with Wavetree

On the first day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – The option to work remotely. With flexible work options becoming not only necessary for many businesses, but also bringing benefits, we’re sure we’ll see more and more businesses adopt this kind of approach far into the future. It’s important to remember that shifting to this way of working requires more than a laptop and a home office set up. Security, communication and access, all needs to be considered and...

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How our Hosting Services support your success

Many businesses now decide to use Data Centers to host their servers. At the heart of any business is their computer network. Your servers are home to crucial pieces of information and sensitive data. The security offered when using our hosting services, gives you piece of mind that all of this information is safe, at any time of the day. Perhaps currently your servers are in your office, but what happens when you go home for the evening? Or, maybe...

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