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12 days of Christmas with Wavetree

On the first day of Christmas Wavetree gave to me – The option to work remotely. With flexible work options becoming not only necessary for many businesses, but also bringing benefits, we’re sure we’ll see more and more businesses adopt this kind of approach far into the future. It’s important to remember that shifting to this way of working requires more than a laptop and a home office set up. Security, communication and access, all needs to be considered and...

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Remote working forever?

Is remote working a forever thing? One of the most talked about topics that have evolved from the current environment: remote working/flexible working/home working. Whichever term you chose to use, giving employees the ability to do their job, from somewhere other than the office, is something everyone should be thinking about. Millions of people across the world have had to adjust their everyday routines to adapt to the pandemic that is Covid-19. What started off as a novelty for some, has turned in to...

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