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Cloud Platforms

Wavetree Cloud Platforms

We recognise that all organisations have their own unique needs. So, we work with you to find the best cloud platforms for you. Instead of suggesting just one vendor, we explore the most suitable possibilities to support your needs. As a result of this process, you get a solution that works with your business and helps you achieve your unique goals. We understand that requirements are different for every business, but we can always help you migrate to the cloud.

The cloud platforms and solutions we provide are always based on your business’s current situation and future plans. So whether you’re looking to expand into international territories, nurture a small but perfectly formed team, or down-size and improve efficiencies, we can help you.

Cloud Services- Wavetree Cloud

We provide customisable cloud hosting. This is deployed and managed by our team as a Cloud service. Our solution removes the need to rely on your own expensive traditional hardware. Wavetree Cloud provides the cloud platforms and infrastructure that you require, whilst also giving you ongoing management and monitoring of these environments. Ultimately this gives you a simple cloud platform, to help you see business benefits, on a simple monthly subscription.

Our Wavetree Cloud solution combines the cloud computing infrastructure with managed services. This provides you with monitoring and operational management of your systems, as well as the underpinning technical infrastructure. Servers, applications, security and databases are all managed 24/7 by our support staff. With the help of our management and monitoring tools, we are able to address any problems you are facing proactively and respond quickly to any difficulties.

What are the benefits of Wavetree Cloud?

Cloud platforms: Why use Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a popular cloud platform. It provides you with a secure way of getting your team connected internally and externally. We offer a complete suite of products and services surrounding Microsoft Office 365. These range from pre-project planning and strategy, right through to user training.

Considering Microsoft Azure?

This is a cloud platform and infrastructure that allows business to move fully to the Cloud, or alternatively to operate hybrid solutions with some services remaining on site. Microsoft Azure gives you the choice: a cloud or hybrid solution- you decide. Microsoft Azure can support your in improving efficiencies in the most secure way possible.

We help you find the right solution

We help you find the right cloud soltuions and cloud platforms

We know that for many businesses moving to the Cloud can be an exciting prospect. However, we also recognise that with so many options available it can be an overwhelming process. Recognising this, we make sure our team help you understand the choices you have and how they support your business needs and goals. Whether you’re looking at a reduction in costs, increased flexibility or that extra security, we can help discover your perfect solution.