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Cloud Hosting

Why cloud hosting is so important to your business

Wavetree’s Windows Cloud servers will help you to maximise productivity and improve your security. Using our cloud servers removes the need to rely on your own expensive, traditional hardware. All of our cloud web hosting packages provide the most reliable, flexible and super-fast data storage using SSD (Solid State Drives).

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Disaster recovery and cloud servers

With your data stored off-site and back-ups taken every hour, our cloud servers offer a reliable solution for all your disaster recovery needs. Traditional disaster recovery methods can take days, whereas our fast and reliable solution can have you up and running in a number of hours. This means you never have to worry about stopping trading.

What our cloud hosting opportunities bring to you

Financial Benefits of using Cloud servers?

With predictable monthly payments, suddenly forecasting your IT spend got that much easier. Our monthly subscription package includes everything you need from daily back-ups and support to automatic upgrades.

You don’t need inhouse expertise to manage your server, you don’t need to pay your staff to look after anything, as there’s no on-site equipment. Why not use this money to invest into other areas of your business?

Can my business benefit from using cloud servers?

It’s clear to see that any business that wants to improve efficiency, reduce IT expenditure and be prepared should a disaster strike, can benefit from using cloud servers. With scalability options our cloud servers offer a fast, reliable and flexible solution to meet your business demands. Whether you’re a start-up and need to be prepared for when your business takes off, or just need that extra bit of flexibility. Cloud servers benefit everyone in any industry, it’s an easy choice, what are you waiting for?