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IT Director/CTO as a Service

Do you need guidance, leadership or expert advice about the direction of your IT? Do you need help in creating an IT strategy that aligns with your business objectives? Our IT Director Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as a Service (Caas) offers a solution to these problems. This provides your business with the continuity you need to support business operations.

Your IT Director from Wavetree, will deliver onsite support to you, as and when you need it. We’ll work with you to provide future planning for your business. From roadmaps, supplier evaluation to general technology guidance, we provide the resources you need to improve your IT. Your assigned IT Director will always keep you informed and report back to you. We ensure that we provide you with reports on how IT issues have been resolved and areas of weakness. Therefore, your team are always in the know and you can see the value of the support being offered.

Benefits of CTO as a Service

Wavetree IT Director CTO as a Service

Giving you the skills you need

Through integrating within your organisation, your Wavetree CTO ensures that your security levels are up-to-date, by running network and anti-virus checks frequently. We believe in the value of relationships and team ethos within the workplace. Your IT Director will become a core part of your overall team, engaging with all employees and offering support whenever required.

With our outsourced IT Director, you get a highly skilled IT partner who can bridge specialist knowledge gaps, helping to steer you in the right direction. We can take as much responsibility as you require and ensure that you get access to C-Suite skills and experience, at just a fraction of the cost of hiring, whilst letting your team learn and develop their expertise.

Co-Sourcing and Out-sourcing Solutions

Do you need further support to help guide your IT department? We offer a range of solutions to ensure that you have the IT you need to help you succeed. Whether you’d like to out-source your entire IT department, or perhaps supplement your current department with some of our team. Take a look at our other managed service offerings below: