Subscription IT

Entire IT systems for a monthly payment

Subscription IT

Subscribe and simplify your entire  IT systems – Software, Hardware, Support Services, Peripherals etc.


WAVETREE are changing the dynamics of IT service by offering to maximize your cash flow with a monthly subscription to use best-in-class hardware,software  and service.



Stay on top of technology-

Experience the latest and greatest technology and support from WAVETREE.

Choose from top devices featuring better design and functionality that will help your business work smarter, faster.


Lower maintenance, lower cost-

Help reduce the ongoing costs of maintaining aging devices.

Break free from updates and repairs with a subscription that allows you to replace your PC every three years.


Tracking and Recovery Service-

Delete and recover data remotely.

Track and manage devices.

Detect unauthorized software.


Accidental Damage Protection-

Rest assured that your devices are covered in case of everyday accidents.