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Wavetree Cloud

Why Wavetree Cloud?

As a cloud service, Wavetree Cloud provides business outcomes rather than a specific system or architectural resources. In addition to including total stack monitoring and management services, this is a significant difference to traditional “hosting” services where a fixed server configuration is provided regardless of whether it fulfills the business need.

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Infrastructure Security & Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

The network is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week internally and at a peering level to protect against unauthorised access or such attacks as DDoS (Denial of Service).

Management Network

Management network is non-Internet facing and all communication between hardware within our infrastructure operates over a secure and dedicated network.

Data Services

Data services are supplied by multiple providers which terminate in different parts of the country ensuring continuous connectivity in the event of a regional outage or emergency suffered by a data carrier.

Local datacentres

Datacentres are located locally to our office in Cheltenham for easy access to the “physical” servers if requied. This ensures there is no single point of failure on a hardware level or a connection level.


Infrastructure is located behind multiple clustered dedicated firewalls with fault tolerant peering providers.

Cloud Services

Wavetree have vast experience in working with our customers to transition to the cloud or a hybrid solution. This experience has been gained with successful real life transitions of companies infrastructures . All aspects of the move to a cloud platform are planned, discussed with the customer, tested & tested again then implemented to ensure Wavetree deliver the benefit of the Cloud to benefit your business if appropriate.