Why WaveTree

Isn't every IT support company the same - NOT WAVETREE

Why WaveTree

The WAVETREE approach is about making life for customers as simple and as straightforward as possible.


Let’s face it, all you want to be doing is working and communicating as quickly and efficiently as possible, without even being aware of IT running in the background.
That is why we believe that the process WAVETREE have developed delivers this to our customers.


There is a critical difference of dealing with WAVETREE against other IT companies….

Due to our vendor independent, dynamic and innovative thinking WAVETREE are able to recommend the best, most suitable IT platforms , not the traditional restricted vendor led product set.


WAVETREE will always be a company that works and honors it relationships with customers many of them becoming good friends of the team.


WAVETREE  is more than just “the IT company” we are truly connected to customers business.


We all look forward to the journey together.