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IT Help Desk Support

We believe in the value of building relationships. Therefore, we know it is important that your IT help desk understands your business requirements. Our consultants will work with you to understand your business needs. This means we can offer you the best help and service possible. You will not need to explain the same issues to different people, you’ll always speak to someone who knows your IT and can help address it effectively.

Your assigned team will ensure that you get the best support when you need it. We become an extension of your internal team, understanding your issues and needs. Our team are always happy for clients to meet our help desk face to face to get a feel for how we work. The support team are not just a voice behind a phone.

The Wavetree help desk support service

Wavetree IT service help-desk

We help you grow, always reporting back

Reporting back to you is key to our service. In addition to letting you know your usage of the help desk, we also highlight which issues are being logged the most. This means you are always in the know. We understand that this information can be vital to you. By reporting regularly, our help desk can highlight areas where staff training is required. The reports also allow for us to make suggestions on changes to your IT structure which may help you work more efficiently. Our proactive approach means we will always look deeper into any issues. If there is a persistent issue, we ensure that this is fixed and no longer keeps on happening, rather than offering temporary solutions. If you succeed, we succeed.